Talking to Neighbors at the Space Ballroom's Alex G Show

From Issue #444


5/20/20222 min read

I really was not a mad Alex G fan until I moved back from Connecticut from Southern California. Maybe it’s because Alex is from Philly, but I really think his music is the best for driving around in the woods in a car that smells like smoke, plain and simple. We were pretty close to the front and decided to interview our neighbors before the show. This is a documentation of the other side of Alex G. on stage. The concert itself was tight, too - they played “Yellow” by Coldplay, and the opener EXUM absolutely blew everyone’s socks off. Even though some dudes need to learn how to mosh well (don’t knock over people who aren’t moshing, dummy), it was fantastic. Here's what the crowd around us was saying:


Lila: I’m very, very, very excited.

Grace: My hands are sweaty. I feel like I’m going to prom or something.

Have you seen Alex G before?

Lila: This is my first show

Grace: This is also my first Alex G show, but I saw him when he played guitar for Frank Ocean at the Meadow. So that was crazy.

What song are you most excited to hear?

Lila: I’ve been wanting to hear Snot for awhile.

Grace: I could hear anything and I could cry. I just bought her the Beach Music vinyl. We came from Chicago so we’re excited.


Avery: I’m most excited to hear Salt off of Beach Music.

What do you associate with Alex G?

Avery: I used to live in Washington and that was when House of Sugar came out, so I really associate that album with driving around and looking at nature.

Are you from Connecticut?

Avery: I’m not, I’m here visiting my dad who’s at the show with me.

Do you like Alex G?

Avery’s Dad: I’m learning to like him.


What song are you most excited to hear?

Audrey: Hope

Brooke: Bug

What do you associate with Alex G?

Audrey: September!

Brooke: We were just talking about where we were when we last listened to him and we were in the back of this semi-abandoned house but then got scared and ran away.


Favorite song that he performs?

Shelby: Brick is fun when he performs for sure... my favorite song of Alex G is probably Hollow... it’s tough...

Do you have a favorite memory of when he performed?

Bridget: On Coney Island in August a few years ago, I was really barred out but it was a blast and I met him on the beach at the end.

Shelby: She has this hilarious picture of him and our friend with him behind the stage at Coney Island -

Shelby: With a tall Strawberry Daquiri.


How do you feel about seeing Alex?

Rachel: Woohoo!

Colm: I’m so fucking excited, guys.

What song are you most excited to hear?

Liam: Hollow!

Jack: I wanna hear Snot again.

Liam: Hollow!

What do you associate with Alex G?

Liam: Williamantic.

Mar: Crying but also friendship..

Alex G starts