submit to connectic*nt!

we wanna see your stuff!

We take submissions by email ( from anyone who is from/lives in Connecticut. All published artists get a free issue of the zine they're in.

We love to see all formats of writing, art, video, etc! Articles, paintings, interviews, video art, essays, poetry... truly whatever!

If you aren't accepted for the one you submitted to, it doesn't mean we don't like your art. We have to think about what pieces go with what, and because we have a limited amount of pages, we unfortunately can't print everything we love. That said, the more work you submit, the more likely you are to get yourself in a copy since we'll have more options of what will work in the zine!

If you're a band/artist/being who wants us to write a story about you, email us why with any links to your stuff!

You can also DM or email us with any Q's:)