"What in the world is this?"

The over 50 page publication is a femme and queer lead publication that does everything in its power to connect and highlight artists around the state, from hosting zine fairs to bar nights. The co-editors (pictured above left to right) Zoe Jensen, Iyanna Crockett, and Mariana Pelaez, were raised and currently live in Connecticut. They met at the University of Connecticut, where they also created zines for the WHUS radio station and the UConn Women’s Center. In June 2021, Zoe Jensen wanted to feature her friends’ work in a zine. Although Connectic*nt was envisioned to be a one-off project that would maybe be sent to 5-10 friends, the first issue received over 75 pre-orders on their Instagram @connectic_nt and has grown exponentially from there. Since the first issue, Crockett, Pelaez, and Jensen have distributed over 3,000 issues across Connecticut and the world—to places such as Canada, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Connectic*nt will continue to support CT artists as long as it possibly can, and hope you enjoy.

Connectic*nt is a bi-monthly print zine featuring artists from and/or in Connecticut.