Soulful Threads Is Much More Than Clothing

"The people that I'm meeting are really a representation of my dreams, my inner child dreams."

Krystina is fulfilling her inner child's dreams by running Soulful Threads, the curated vintage online store and stylist services. She studied psychology (with a Master’s in social work), and brought her academic drive in bettering the world to sustainable fashion. Soulful Threads seems guided by divine timing, with "very accidental” pivotal moments that keep bringing the store to greater heights.

Krystina started the Soulful Threads Depop account at 16 but saw it as a side gig at first. "I'm first gen, so I was very academically driven and played soccer competitively. Soccer was my whole life, I didn't have time for fashion and stuff like that. Also, being a Jamaican-American, nobody told me to do fashion."

She gained inspiration from anything and everything, from watching One Tree Hill to gawking at the bedazzled outfits on The Parkers. She also studied runways on YouTube, like Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2, admiring "truck-type" fashion that took a dark grunge aesthetic.

When COVID creeped into our world, she lost her job and started building her Depop to pay the bills. As Soulful Threads grew, her creativity returned to her, and "one learning moment spiraled into the next."

Soulful Threads transitioned from a part-time gig to a full-time career, with more opportunities coming their way and encouragement from other fashion sellers. Even after Krystina was hired for new jobs, Soulful Threads kept drawing her in. Two weeks after Krystina quit her job to work on Soulful Threads full-time, Depop reached out to her to be a part of their eight-week program for Black sellers. That momentum has endured, expanding to clothing partnerships, styling clients, and in-person shops across CT and the world.

Krystina is the primary stylist for Soulful Threads and has honed her thrifting talents. "I could go to the same Goodwill as you and we could both be there for two hours – you're not going to find what I find."

Krystina is growing Soulful Threads into "an empire." She’s looking to continue fostering culture and community in Connecticut, connecting with other people who also believe in wearing their souls on their sleeves. Krystina said, "the people that I'm meeting are really a representation of my dreams, my inner child dreams."

Lucky for us, Krystina, and her partner Matt who supports Soulful Threads, came by to share their fashion tips for the cunts:


What would you recommend to someone looking to spice up or find their style?

KRYSTINA: Stop shopping for fast fashion. Stop buying the pre-made outfit for you. Go to the thrift and find things you like. Also, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. I can't say that enough. Tops and bottoms can never be enough, as sick as they may be. What makes an outfit are the accessories.

Your outfit is not just about the clothing. It's about your hair, it's about your makeup, it's all those things together. Take bits and pieces of what you see on celebs or your favorite artist. Even that girl at school you think dresses so cool, but you don't talk to her. Take a little bit from her. It's not copying, it's inspiration.

MATT: I would say to diversify. Slowly transition if you're trying to go into a new style for yourself. Go one piece at a time and keep building your wardrobe. You'll find what you like. 

KRYSTINA: Don't focus on trying to fit aesthetics because you could create your own.

What's a fashion staple that everyone should have?

KRYSTINA: Cargo, cargo everything. Cargo skirt, cargo pants, cargo jacket. And I really like statement pants, especially Y2K statement jeans. Also puffer.

MATT: I would say accessories. Accessories define the outfit, it brings it all together.

KRYSTINA: Especially everyday accessories. If you have some layered chains that you wear every day, wear them every day.

Denim or corduroy?


Purse or tote?


Maximalist or minimalist?


Overalls or jumpsuits?


Velvet or silk?


MATT: I think velvet. 

Oversize or tiny?


Big shirt tiny pants, or tiny shirt big pants?

KRYSTINA AND MATT: Tiny shirt big pants.

Brights or neutrals?

KRYSTINA: Neutrals. I want to say bright, but neutrals are an elevation. Bright is giving me kid core.

What trends are you seeing now? 

KRYSTINA: Siren energy, so a very confident woman who is also dangerous. This year will be big on aqua femme theme, like an underwater type of vibe. I've also seen aqua siren as well. Y2K is in, but people think Y2K is your regular Britney Spears Paris Hilton type of vibe. That's just the overarching umbrella, there are so many little niches and subcultures. Like the whimsy goth, grunge, punk, trashy Y2K, cyber Y2K….

Anything else you'd like to share about Soulful Threads?

KRYSTINA: Be your fucking self. Do the shit that you want to do. If you're getting depressed today, say, fuck everybody, and most importantly, stop fucking with those friends that don't believe in you and do not take you seriously because your dreams will never happen if they're still in your life.


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