Hi At The Show: Machine Girl

Sneak peek of issue #999

Zoe Jensen


Machine Girl fans are stinky, but how could they not be: the nonstop moshing, hormones bubbling, sweat soiree that makes a Machine Girl show almost requires all animalistic flavors to claw to the surface.

Even on a Sunday in December, their Space Ballroom set was a classic Machine Girl experience. There were two guys playing Magic the Gathering in the middle of the pit. At least twenty people stage dove, sometimes three at a time. Matt of Machine Girl moshed in the middle of the show, then stood up on a table at the other side of the venue, frozen still while growling for a solid five minutes, then stage dove back to the front. People passed out outside and then went straight back to dancing. Besides the crowd at King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard in 2018, I’d say this was one of the most intense pits I’ve been a part of. I’ll say it again though: the few heads at Space who clearly haven’t moshed since Warped Tour have got to stop going elbows-first in the pit.

Regardless, it was a fantastic show. Space Camp kicked off the night perfectly with an extra drummer, bringing a spiritual journey up my spine. Many of the younger kids seemed there for Lust Sick Puppy in their dripping makeup and Sharpie smiley faces. Lust Sick Puppy was bonkers, and hearing their tracks live felt otherworldly. Machine Girl, of course, made myself and everyone in the crowd go primal.

Here are some of the chats we had in the crowd:

Give me an update from the show.

Audrey: I’ve overdosed 60 times, I think I met God. It’s been an awesome show so far.

What’s happening right in front of us?

Audrey: They’re playing Magic the Gathering at the Machine Girl concert.

Have you ever played before?

Audrey: I haven’t, I played it once but I’m so bad.

What are you most excited about?

Audrey: I just want them to play WLFGRL. I’ve been listening to it on vinyl since 2018, it’s my favorite album. I know it’s basic, but it’s my favorite.

If it’s good it’s good! Have you seen Machine Girl before?

Audrey: Never, this is my first time. I love live music, my first ever concert was a few months ago, it was Beach House. Now this is my second concert.

What did you eat before the show?

Ira: We ate at some diner.

Heath: Yeah, we had breakfast at 5pm.

Ira: I got french toast!

Machine Girl or Machine Gun Kelly?

Em, Health, Ira: Machine Girl??!!

Why Machine Girl?

Heath: They fuck.

Ira: They give me so much gender affirmation. They amplify my transgender feelings times ten. Especially “Fuck Puppet”.

What are you looking forward to?

Ira: I’m really small so I don’t mosh, but I look forward to thrashing around like an idiot and having makeup streaming down my face and sweating, crying. I want to look like I was in the middle of a twister.

Heath: I don’t know if it’s gonna happen, but I want to make contact. I want them to at least look me in the eyes.

What are your hopes and dreams for this show?

Andrew R: Go fuckin’ bananas.

Andrew G: I’m looking to jump around a lot.

What’s your take on the crowd here?

Andrew G: I was just telling him, it’s not often that I go to a show and realize I’m older than most of the crowd here. But I’m really, really happy about that, because we can’t let smaller shows die out. Our generation needs to continue small and crazy shows like this.

Andrew R: I feel like I’m inside the internet right now. And we’re from Vermont, so it’s just old motherfuckers at shows. This is our final send off from a trip before heading back.

What are you most excited about?

Kai: Dancing. Yeah. Just real energetic, hard dancing vibes.

This is a sneak peek of Connecticunt #999, coming out Feb 2023.

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