Faye In Space: Faye Webster and Porcelaine

Faye Webster and Porcelaine performance at the Space Ballroom, 5/16/22

5/27/20222 min read

The original date for Faye Webster’s performance was in February of this year, however the show was postponed due to health reasons. We were more than happy to wait and showed up for the May 16th performance, a Monday show that still ended up packed with buzzing, excited energy. Porcelaine opened up for Faye, which was the first performance of the full band: cello, drums, electric and acoustic guitars. Even with Brenna self-deprecatingly joking to the crowd (“my knees haven’t shaken like that in a minute”), people were still whispering about how good this opener is, typing “porcelain” and then “porcelaine” into their Spotifies. Usually openers are dismissed, background music for people grabbing beer and shuffling into the venue - but Porcelaine made the house go silent, and then applauded for more.

Faye Webster came onto the stage to roaring applause, and played songs across her catalog - but not forgetting classics like Kingston and Jonny. They also played the jam from Animal Crossing’s K.K. Slider, which was absolutely beautiful. Faye chatted a lot with the crowd and accepted a bunch of presents, such as a bracelet and Pokemon cards, then asked, “any more gifts?” Although maybe a cheesy comparison, it felt like watching a house show performance where the artist and crowd let their guards down.

When listening to Faye Webster’s music, it’s easy to shake your head with emotional statements that you deeply understand, or wave along to smooth beats. Faye also moves like this to her music - nodding after saying emotional statements, scrunching her face up after reflecting on an ex. She wore what looked like a nightgown, a giant t-shirt, which would sway along to her groove. Faye revealed in the middle of her set that she had to postpone the show due to severe laryngitis, which delayed all the shows on the second leg of her tour earlier that year. While tearing up, she said that the Space was the “only venue who wasn’t mean about it.” This statement seemed to represent the whole show: full of happiness, gratitude, and sweet people who just wanted a good show no matter what.


Are you excited for Faye Webster?

Hazel: She got me through 2020. I’m fuckin’ stocked.

Hannah: Hazel introduced me - I listen to her music every day. This is my first concert since 2013! My last concert was an Ed Sheeran concert… I know, I know….

How do you feel when you listen to Faye Webster?

Padley: I feel sad, but also so happy.

Maddie: I feel understood. She gets me very well.

What were you doing right before the show?

Emily: We were drinking dirty martinis.

Lizzie: (singing) I made a daiquiri!

What did you think of Porcelaine?

Lizzie: So good.

Emily: I have the voice memo of “Big Ten” saved on my phone, that’s why I spoiled it for everyone before they started playing and I got really embarrassed.

What’s the last show you went to before this?

Jah: I went to Freddie Gibbs yesterday! You know it’s good when the openers are also incredible.

What crystal are you wearing?

Kaitlyn: Oh, I bought it for him!

Does it have significance?

Kaitlyn: It does.. I totally forgot what it’s called… It’s supposed to help with negative energy…

So trying to ward off other bitches. Is this your first concert together?

Jason: Yes!

Kaitlyn: It’s very exciting.

How was the performance tonight?

Eli: Beyond well. Beyond good. Beyond grand. In terms of chest feel, in terms of emotion, in terms of confidence, every single metric of the performance tonight was spectacular.

How do you think it went tonight?

Porcelaine aka Brenna: At first terrible but now good. First time, big show, I was very nervous. Do you have a vape?

I found a vape in the couch.

Porcelaine: Do you have it?

No but I left it in the couch.

Eli: Is this a part of the Connecticunt piece?