Connecticut Band Classifieds


Our goal as a zine is to connect the c*nts, so what better way than to form new bands, jams, and collaborations! DM or email us at with the title of the classified you're interested in and we'll connect y'all! Find more fun stuff like this in the April issue of Connectic*nt.

CERTIFIED TOP 5 DRUMMER FOR DRUMMERS WHO ARE 24M, LIVE IN NH, AND HAVE PLAYED LESS THAN 50 HOURS TOTAL BUT ARE REALLY GOOD: I like khruangbin, killer kin, kali, cali rap, solange and more but would love to play everything! Would jam, play ur songs (and maybe ur showsies?)

NHV GIRLIE ISO ANYONE ELSE WHO WORSHIPS 3PT HARMONIES: I (25) have been playing the fiddle for 20 years (wowza that's wild to say) and singing in harmony for just as long. looking for anyone interested in singing together in gorgeous and ethereal threepart (think the staves, i'm with her, tiny habits, CSN, etc.). i also am fully obsessed with the lemon twigs and beatles-y jangle pop deliciousness, and i just got an electric violin, so if anyone wants to venture into that sort of territory pls hmu!! <3

FOLK SINGER-SONGWRITERS SEEK RHYTHM SECTION: Two singer-songwriters need a drummer-and possibly a bassist-to complete their sound. We have been writing folk music with a punk edge, must have left-leaning politics. FFO: Frank Turner, Mischief Brew, Against Me, Bruce Springsteen, Gaslight Anthem, and The Menzingers, location: New Haven

PINK WEIRDO W ROCKSTAR NAME & HAIR JUST WANTS TO MAKE MUSIC :) just starting to learn bass & new to this kind of band format but 10+ years experience on french horn. love khruangbin, neo-psych & danceable disco funk - HUGE spotify slut tho & open to many vibes. very capable but some accountability & encouragement wud b gr8!! 26 genderqueer nhv <3

CASSETTES, HEADSETS, TASCAMS, JAMS: ISO solo acts and bands interested in being recorded analoguely(+) and amateurly(++) for a session series. no fee -- home production's a longtime passion and i've got 40-odd empty tapes i feel like filling up. my loves: guided by voices, the wrens, r.e.m., jim shepard, and (last but not least) your music on TAPE! nhv

EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONIC/JAZZ PLAYER: looking for musicians to collab on lofi/funk/anything else along those lines.

NOT MADE TO SING ALONE: Based in wmass now but always happy to come home to 860 to make sweet music. Very open genre-wise (except I can't scream properly, sorry!) but too nervy to be the only singer. Solid alto, still loves soprano. Bonus points if I can dust off my t-bone.

BEGINNER ELECTRIC BASSIST/ADVANCED LEAD-RHYTHM GUITARIST LOOKING TO MAKE (INDIE/ALT/NEW WAVE/ANYTHING) ROCK MUSIC WITH A BAND: 27f, have always wanted to be in a band and recently started writing some of my own tunes. Can play a bit of piano/keyboard as well. Currently a PhD student, so looking for a more casual commitment with mostly local performances. nhv

ISO BAND HAIL MARY: 25yr old dude from Hartford area who plays bass n guitar, looking for other open minded people who are just as passionate about being creative as i am, i love all types of music, i love shoegaze, hardcore, and old school country. I make my own music but I've never released, and i guess i just wanted to see what else was out there in the world. Maybe someone could help me, I could help someone, or maybe even something brand new! i really just wanna be out there for the love of it all

FRUITY CLASSICALLY TRAINED MUSICIAN LOOKING TO EXPAND MUSICAL PRACTICE: I'm a mid-20s, Black, transmasc nonbinary musician, trained primarily as a conductor & composer, looking to break out of the classical music system! Things I do & play: conduct/music direct, compose/arrange/orchestrate, bassoon, melodica, piano, bass, and am always down to learn & try new things. My deepest desire: playing Black music (funk, jazz, blues, gospel, soul, etc.) and integrating other art forms (poetry, visual art, dance, etc.) with Black people!

LOOKING FOR LOCAL COLLABORATORS, MIXING/MASTERING OPPORTUNITIES, ETC: Location: East Rock neighborhood in New Haven Bio: I'm interested in connecting with local bands/artists that are trying to get their music mixed and/or mastered on a low budget. I'm also interested in collaborating/networking with anyone in the New Haven area who makes music related to any of the following genres: ambient, house, plugg/trap, post-punk, dream pop, post-rock, or pretty much anything artsy/psychedelic/experimental I spend most of my time making music on Ableton these days but I also sing and play keyboards and bass guitar!

CT EXPERIMENTAL BAND LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS: We're open to any and all instruments and or singers no matter how much experience you have as long as you're open to playing live and you aren't a terrible person come join our ensemble! We are not restricted to any genre what so ever.

RE-LEARNING LATINE BASSIST: (nhv, 23m) j-bass player who used to be in a local band for 7ish years, looking to start playing again after taking time away (preferably other musicians of color)! Personal goal of learning music theory this time around to gain confidence in live jamming + production orz. Into various genres from cumbia, to punk/hardcore, to jungle and more!

RENÉE LUNA : I’m a New Haven based AFAB singer looking to join a band in New Haven. I’m an alto (belting and full chest voice in roughly F3 to D5) singer looking to join a modern indie neosoul band with R&B, jazz, blues, funk, and alternative influences. I’d LOVE a horns/brass section! I hope to also play covers and originals. You can check out some of my stuff on my Instagram pages, and more content will be posted in the near future. @reneeluna_artwork

PUNK/POSTPUNK/SHOEGAZE BAND FORMING: I play guitar -- need bass/drums/singer. Age unimportant -- talent less important than attitude. Do u have crummy equipment, or no equipment -- who cares? Setlist could include Iggy, Clash, Velvets, X, White Stripes, Ramones, Replacements, Nirvana, Bikini Kill -- fun stuff, you get the idea. Originals if someone feels like writing. Goal is to have legendary gigs and be talked about forever as that band that really should have made it because everyone who went to their shows thought they were so. friggin. awesome. Practice in Norwalk or Milford.

INTERMEDIATE MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST LOOKING FOR JAMS I'm Warrick, 18, been playing brass horns for a long time and I can also play any rhythm instrument (bass is my main). I can read notation for bass, trombone, and trumpet. Looking to see if someone's group needs horns or bass, or just to jam. Danbury area

RETURNING GUITAR PLAYER LOOKING TO JAM: I (30m) been playing guitar for almost two years after an over decade layoff. Looking to jam and share ideas. Mostly been trying to play stoner&doom metal like Black Sabbath& Sleep, but down for anything that is rockin& riffin. nhv.

POLITICAL NOISE PUNK BAND ISO DRUMMER: ISO drummer that is a little mathy with it, can blast beat, and is available for 2-4 practices a month. Many songs written and demo’d/preproduced for reference when practicing/writing, but want to write new stuff as we record the old. Looking for someone creative/has a flow with odd accents/additive meter! Songs like Drive Like Jehu, The Locust, Converge, Dead Kennedys. Hartford Area

ROCK GUITARIST/SINGER LOOKING TO JAM: I (25m) have been playing guitar and writing music for 10 years, and I'm interested in looking to jam and find some bandmates. Musicians who enjoy psych rock and love The Beatles, The Band, and/or Mac DeMarco would be a great fit. Located around the greater UCONN/ECSU area of CT.

BLACK BASS PLAYER 25F LOOKING TO ROCK: Looking to join a band looking for bass players, but also play piano/guitar, and use it for song writing. I love all genres of music and am looking to work with other open-minded folx.

ENTHUSIASTIC VOCALIST/LYRICIST, LESS ENTHUSIASTIC GUITARIST/BASSIST: looking for bandmates!! been rlly into alt rock (geese, squid, wednesday) but im open to p much any genre. she/her located in tolland county and willing to drive if inspired <33

NORTHEAST JAMMER: (46)m drummer who played in bands 20 years ago wants to jam/write play with others again. northeast CT. I’ve a drumset, can travel with it and occasionally host others in my music space. built to spill, dinosaur jr., flaming lips, to name just a few inspirations. I’m guaranteed to be extremely rusty… lots of heart but was never technically advanced

DON’T WANT TO BE A ONE WOMAN BAND: Songwriter in my 30s from Fairfield County looking for a drummer and an electric guitarist to play my original songs with me at shows in New Haven, etc. Women strongly encouraged!! PJ Harvey, Garbage, & feminist vibes.

QUEER SINGER LOOKIN FOR ANYONE TO MAKE JAMS WITH: Into singing and playing with vocal melodies, would love to find folks into jamming - alt music, pop music, and hip hop music (anyone interested in recreating genres or doing a fun spin) if u make music, instrumental, or with technology I’d love to collab with ya music I’m digging rn - sza, Maggie rogers, the Japanese house, frank ocean, remi wolf. Nhv or anywhere in ct

VOCALIST TO START/JOIN BAND: I'm an 18 year old vocalist of 11 years and I'm looking to start or join a queer/femme punk band! Living in the Middletown area but willing to travel. Something along the lines of Pinkshift, Mannequin Pussy, Dazey and the Scouts, Destroy Boys, etc.

SLOW PINES: waterbury based shoegaze band looking for bass player and drummer for live performances. must be able to travel, have own equipment, 16-20 age range preferred.